Archeologia ferroviaria: la stazione di Fermo e le opere d’arte della Ferrovia Adriatico Appennino.

Mauro Saracco, Leonardo Petetta, Chiara Cecchi


The italian railway network has several disused lines and many of them cross high-quality landscapes. The artifacts, built to realize these infrastructural networks, remain in rural and mountain areas as 'archaeological ruins' of larger and extensive works. The conservation and enhancement of these 'ruins', allows not to miss an important historical and material evidences, of social and economic development of many Italian regions. In this perspective has been addressed the study of the Railway Adriatico-Amandola, in the Marche region, and the ex-railway station of Fermo, defining a possible pilot project able to recover the historical memory of the places through a compatible reuse and a new relationship with the city and the territory.


railway archeology; railways; reuse; architectural renovation; urban restoration

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