Studi e riflessioni per la salvaguardia e valorizzazione della cripta di Sant'Eusebio a Pavia

Alessio Cardaci, Antonella Versaci


Located in Pavia, in an area that owes its importance to the Longobards era, the crypt of St. Eusebius is today the only surviving evidence of an ancient Germanic Cathedral, perhaps dating from the reign of King Rotari. Cited by Paolo Diacono in his Historia Langobardorum, it was over time affected by various alterations, devastations and assaults, alternated with long and dusty periods of neglect, which inevitably affected its dignity. This important 'monumental ruin', for too long confined within a structure that prevents its correct perception and public enjoyment, has recently been interested by new multidisciplinary studies and investigations aimed at improving its critical knowledge and understanding and then at establishing necessary conservation and valorisation activities, able to underline its high monumental value, improve its accessibility and ensure its transmission to future generations.


ruins; conservation; valorisation; accessibility; Longobards

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