Procedure integrate di analisi e rilievo dell’Arco di Traiano a Benevento per il restauro e la valorizzazione

Marcello Balzani


During restoration works carried out under the direction of the Archaeological Superintendence of Salerno, Avellino and Benevento, a three-dimensional survey was carried out aimed at the documentation of performed restoration works, setting-up for museum exhibitions and the monitoring of the Arco di Traiano in Benevento. The potentialities of 3D documentation are wide-ranging and not only limited to the cataloguing, but aimed at different kind of development: analysis of details, planning and structuring of restoration and conservation works, 3D printing to realize scaled copies without plaster cast operations, mapping of the state of conservation. The 3D model becomes a tool of knowledge and analysis, the use of which is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years, also in relation to the increase in computing power and graphical display of devices such as notebooks, tablets, smartphones and dissemination of "broadband" for the interconnection of data transmission.


3D survey; digital documentation; integrated analysis; conservation; rapid prototyping

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