Comalcalco la ciudad Maya de Ladrillos: descubriendo su pasado y la conservación de su futuro

Miriam Judith Gallegos Gómora, Ricardo Armijo Torres


Comalcalco is a Mayan city located in Tabasco, southern Mexico. Its apogee occurred during the Late Classic, when the city was known as Joy’Chan and owned an emblem glyph reflecting its local political geography importance. The city was erected on an alluvial plain near the sea coast and adjacent to a river, a strategic place full of natural resources. The environment determined the building material. The initial architecture created by the Mayas used compacted earth covered with stucco, and the second stage was erected with brick masonry, a feature that makes it unique in Mesoamerica. Joy’Chan was a major vessels and molded figurines producer and trader. Its research over the last katun has revealed information of the city and its population as well as facts for better interventions in order to preserve its distinctive vestiges.


Comalcalco; Architecture; Maya; Brick; Stucco

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