La acrópolis de La Blanca: un ejemplo singular de la arquitectura Maya

Gaspar Muñoz Cosme, Cristina Vidal Lorenzo


The Research conducted in La Blanca (Department of Petén, Guatemala) since 2004 is revealing important data about this urban settlement that had a great development in the Late Classic (600-850 AD), and about the populations that occupied it, offering interesting testimonies that can be decisive to understand the history of the Mayan culture in this area of Petén. The uniqueness of the architecture of the Acropolis, with the great refinement of its design and composition, and with the grandeur of the scale of its rooms and the quality of its constructive execution, shows the cultural potential of La Blanca in its time of greatest apogee. But to this must be added other information of great relevance on the abandonment and subsequent occupation of these buildings, as well as the new data that are emerging on the previous phases of occupation, from the investigations inside the western basement of the Acropolis, especially of the substructure 6J2-Sub.2.


Mayan Architecture; La Blanca; Urban Settlement; Substructures; Palatial Typology

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