Plinio il Vecchio, un postillato polizianeo e un progetto per Winckelmann

Augusto Guida


New evidence about the incunabulum Auct. Q. 1. 2 of the Bodleian Library, containing col­lations and notes of Angelo Poliziano on the Naturalis Historia of Plinius, confirms the great interest, after the death of Politianus, in the texts annotated by him, which were also lent, bought and copied. The Bodleian Pliny is indeed a copy of a lost original, as shown by Lucia Cesarini. It was inherited at the middle of XVII century by the Niccolini family, studied in Florence a century later for the first time by Gian Rinaldo Carli and then by Angelo Bandini on behalf of Carlo Rezzonico, who also tried to involve J. Winckelmann in a collation of Pliny’s dedicatory letter to Titus.


Pliny’s Naturalis Historia; Angelo Poliziano; Gian Rinaldo Carli; Carlo Rezzonico; Johann Winckelmann

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