Horace, carm. 2.17.5 and Quintilian, inst. 6 prooem. in Jerome

Neil Adkin


The present article endeavours to show that Jerome imitates Horace’s Ode 2.17.5-6 in Letter 3.3.1. This Jeromian fine-tuning of Horace is then imitated in turn by Jerome himself on two later occasions (epist. 17.3.2 and chron. epist. p. 2.17 H.). Jerome’s original imitation of this Horatian text in Letter 3.3.1 is also combined with a hitherto unidentified imitation of Quintilian (inst. 6 prooem. 6 and 9). 


Horace; Jerome; Quellenforschung; Quintilian

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14601/prometheus-23549

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