Eronda e la polyeideia di Filita. Per una lettura del Mim. 5, tra suggestioni callimachee (Ia. 13) e teocritee (Id. 15)

Nicola Piacenza


The article offers a metapoetic reading of Herondas’ Mim. 5, emphasizing some points of contact with Callimachus’ Iambus 13 and Theocritus’ Idyll 15. The “dialogue” with Callima­chus, in particular, seems to allow the collocation of Mim. 5 in the Hellenistic debate about πολυείδεια and ποικιλία. The occasion for Herondas was given by Philitas of Cos, who had decided to write not only elegies, but also a hexametric poem.


Herondas; Callimachus; Theocritus; Philitas; polyeideia; poikilia

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