Rappresentazione e imitazione: la consapevolezza della mimesis nella commedia di Aristofane

Dino De Sanctis


Starting from the Archaic period, the “mimesis-theory” has been a fundamental topic in Greek poetry. Aristophanes analyzes μίμησις both in the practice of the performance and in theory in numerous scenes of his comedies (e. g. Dicaeopolis at Euripides’ home in the Acharnians and the meeting of Euripides and the kedestes with Agathon in front of his residence in the Tesmophoriazusae). The aim of my paper is to reconstruct the attitude of Aristophanes towards the “mimesis-theory” by means of a diachronicle analysis of his production.


Aristophanes; Acharnians; Tesmophoriazusae; imitation; performance; tragic allusions; comic parody

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14601/prometheus-23537

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