Oribasia e guarigione: Ino a Delfi nelle Dionisiache di Nonno (9.243-289)

Regina Fichera


The Nonnian episode about Ino’s healing from mania (D. 9.243-289) features many refer­ences to the awakening ceremony of Dionysus Liknites. Ino, traditionally the wet nurse of Dionysus and the first founder of the Dionysian orgia centered around the winnowing-fan, is described by Nonnus as a mythical model for the Delphic Thyiades. Ino’s healing is to be interpreted as a metaphor for the Dionysian rebirth and  gives the chance to institute a trieteric cult of Dionysus in Delphi, marked by a cathartic function.


Nonnus; Dionysiaka; Ino; Dionysus Liknites; Healing; Delphi

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14601/prometheus-21238

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