Un frammento di Pisandro di Camiro e la genealogia di Teucro

Stefano Vecchiato


After a brief introduction on the shadowy epic poet Pisander of Kameiros and his poem on Heracles, this paper analyzes Pisand. fr. 11 Bernabé – a fragment about Heracles’ gift to Tela­mon after the first sack of Ilion. Through an examination of its content, and a comparison with other literary and artistic sources, I argue that this fragment implies a hitherto unnoticed ‘local’ (perhaps Rhodian) variant of the genealogy of Telamon’s son Teucer as opposed to the cano­nical one (first plainly attested in Soph. Ai. 1299-1303). This variant can be considered a further sign of the ‘epichoric’ nature of Pisander’s lost poem.


Pisander of Kameiros; Teucer; Heracles; mythographical and genealogical traditions

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14601/prometheus-21220

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