P. Fay. Coles I (Eurípides, fr. 449): ¿copia del Cresfontes o antología?

Maria De Los Llanos Martínez Bermejo


Some of the features of P. Fay. Coles I make it difficult to determine which kind of literary product it represents: most scholars consider the papyrus to be a copy of Euripides’ Cresphontes, but it has also been suggested that it could be the fragment of an anthology. In this paper I argue that the latter possibility deserves more attention: I try to show that scholars’ arguments against it are not valid and are still influenced by the old theories about the ancient gnomological tradition.


P. Fay. Coles I; Euripides; Cresphontes; anthology; gnomological tradition

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14601/prometheus-18812

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