L’Antiope di Euripide: l’intellettuale fra tradizione sapienziale e nuove istanze politico-culturali

Maria Luisa Bernardini


This paper will show the peculiarity of Euripides’ tragedy Antiope, in particular with reference to fr. 910 Kn.,  in the attempt to explain its relevance for the figure of the intellectual in fifth century Greece. On the assumption that the Antiope belongs in the latest part of Euripides’ production, the paper discusses intertextual relationships of fr. 910 with poets such as Hesiod and Pindar, aiming to elucidate the meaning of intellectual search in a Euripidean perspective.


Euripides; Antiope; Plato; Pindarus; Hesiodus; poetry

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14601/prometheus-18811

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