No 12 (2017)

New Trends in Philosophy
Edited by Laura Caponetto and Bianca Cepollaro

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Table of Contents


A Snapshot of a New Generation of Philosophers PDF
Laura Caponetto, Bianca Cepollaro 10-15

Invited Contributions

The Practical Turn in Philosophy of Mathematics: A Portrait of a Young Discipline PDF
Valeria Giardino 18-28
New Wine in Old Bottles: The Kind of Political Philosophy We Need PDF
Beatrice Magni 30-39
What Metalinguistic Negotiations Can’t Do PDF
Teresa Marques 40-48
The Myth of Presentism’s Intuitive Appeal PDF
Giuliano Torrengo 50-56

Submitted Contributions

Contextualist Answers to the Challenge from Disagreement PDF
Dan Zeman 62-73
How to Dispel the Asymmetry Concerning Retraction PDF
Diogo Santos 74-82
Slurs: At-issueness and Semantic Normativity PDF
Simone Carrus 84-97
Thomason (Un)conditionals PDF
Andrés Soria Ruiz 98-108
Assertion and the Varieties of Norms PDF
Paolo Labinaz 110-120
Chomsky on Analytic and Necessary Propositions PDF
Enrico Cipriani 122-131
The Two-Way Relationship Between Language Acquisition and Simulation Theory PDF
Hashem Ramadan 132-140
Rebuilding the Landscape of Psychological Understanding After the Mindreading War PDF
Marco Fenici 142-150
Naturalizing Qualia PDF
Alessandra Buccella 152-161
Carving Mind at Brain’s Joints. The Debate on Cognitive Ontology PDF
Marco Viola 162-172
Looking for Emergence in Physics PDF
Joana Rigato 174-183
Direct Social Perception of Emotions in Close Relations PDF
Andrea Blomqvist 184-195
Me, You, and the Measurement. Founding a Science of Consciousness on the Second Person Perspective PDF
Niccolò Negro 196-206
Empathy, Simulation, and Neuroscience: A Phenomenological Case against Simulation-Theory PDF
Timothy A. Burns 208-216
On Experiencing Meaning: Irreducible Cognitive Phenomenology and Sinewave Speech PDF
John Joseph Dorsch 218-227
Embodied Mind – Ensocialled Body: Navigating Bodily and Social Processes within Accounts of Human Cognitive Agency PDF
Joe Higgins 228-237
Biology, Justice and Hume’s Guillotine PDF
Hugo de Brito Machado Segundo, Raquel Cavalcanti Ramos Machado 238-246
On Solidarity: Gramsci’s Objectivity as a Corrective to Buber’s I-It PDF
Ryan Adams 248-255
The Italian “Difference”. Philosophy between Old and New Tendencies in Contemporary Italy PDF
Corrado Claverini 256-262

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