No 4 (2013)

Sense and Sensibility. Empirical and Philosophical Investigations on the Five Senses
Edited by Clotilde Calabi and Elisabetta Sacchi

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Introduction PDF
Clotilde Calabi, Elisabetta Sacchi 6-13

Session 1. Perception, Embodiment, Sensibility

“The Objectivity of the Senses" PDF
Helmuth Plessner 16-26
Embodied Visual Perception. An Argument from Plessner (1923) PDF
Roberta De Monticelli 28-35
Why Perception Matters PDF
Maurizio Ferraris 36-45
On the Reality of Percepts: Husserl and Gibson PDF
Andrea Zhok 46-53
The Role of Tactility in the Constitution of Embodied Experience PDF
Edoardo Fugali 54-60
What we see Depends on How we Move PDF
Francesca Forlé 62-69
Psychophysics Phenomenologized? Sensation and Decision in Visual Motion Perception PDF
Regina Gregori Grgic, Claudio de’Sperati 70-77
Bodily Affects as Prenoetic Elements in Enactive Perception PDF
Matthew Bower, Shaun Gallagher 78-93
Ssensing” Voices. A Theoretical Comparison PDF
Alberto Gualandi 94-102
How Do We Understand Others? Empathy and Theory-Theory of Mind as Two Different, but Cooperative, Mechanisms for Sensibility PDF
Sarah Songhorian 104-112
Husserl’s Phenomenology of Validity PDF
Susi Ferrarello 114-121

Session 2. Representationalism, Phenomenal Character, Subjectivity

The Mark of the Mental PDF
Alberto Voltolini 124-136
The Content and Phenomenology of Perceptual Experience PDF
Elisabetta Sacchi 138-152
In Defence of Phenomenal Disjunctivism: An Elucidation PDF
Roberta Locatelli 154-161
Representationalism and Ambiguous Figures PDF
Arianna Uggé 162-169
Amodal Completion, Perception and Visual Imagery PDF
Clotilde Calabi 170-177
Some Considerations on Pitch PDF
Elvira Di Bona 178-185
Sense and Subjectivity. A Very short - and Partial - History of the Loss and Recovery of the Bodily Self PDF
Alfredo Tomasetta 186-195
Embodied Simulation and Touch: the Sense of Touch in Social Cognition PDF
Vittorio Gallese, Sjoerd Ebisch 196-210
The Nature of Sensory Experience: the Case of Taste and Tasting PDF
Barry C. Smith 212-227

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