No 5 (2013)

The Place of Values in a World of Norms
Edited by Francesca Forlè and Sarah Songhorian

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Introduction PDF
Francesca Forlè, Sarah Songhorian 10-16

Reprint Selection from Wolfgang Köhler

An Analysis of Requiredness (with an Introduction by Roberta De Monticelli) PDF
Wolfgang Köhler 18-32

Session 1. Emotions

On Scheler’s Metaphysics of Love: an Appraisal PDF
Andrea Zhok 36-45
Emotions in Music. An Overview of Musical Expressive Qualities PDF
Francesca Forlè, Daniela Perani 46-55
When the Facts “Call Down Vengeance”. Feeling of Revenge, Sensibiility to Injustices and (A Hint At) Retributive Justice in Scheler’s Formalismus PDF
Roberta Guccinelli 56-64
Affective Responses and Personal Flourishing PDF
Luigina Mortari, Federica Valbusa 66-73
Scheler’s Foundation of Ethics PDF
Anna Piazza 74-81

Session 2. Values

Requiredness. An Argument for Value-Realism PDF
Roberta De Monticelli 84-97
Governing Emotions. Husserl and Personal Vocation PDF
Veniero Venier 98-105
Not Kant vs. Scheler, but either Kant or Scheler. From Construction to Foundation of Ethics PDF
Virginia Sanchini 106-113
The Case for Participatory Realism in Scheler’s Ethics PDF
J. Edward Hackett 114-123
Values, Normativity and Facts PDF
Susi Ferrarello 124-134

Session 3. Norms

Norms without Values. Philosophical Reflections on Carl Schmitt’s Tyranny of Values PDF
Paola Premoli De Marchi 138-146
How to Distinguish Norms from Values PDF
Davide Fassio 148-158
Rules of Distribution and the Concept of “Egalitarianism” in Felix Oppenheim. Towards Understanding Distribution PDF
Olimpia G. Loddo 160-168
The Hidden Dimension of Social Norms in Ibibio: Tri-Tangential Trajectory of Ibibio Indigenous Knowledge on Morality PDF
Essien D. Essien 170-179


Formalism in Ethics and Non-formal Ethics of Values. A New Attempt Toward the Foundation of an Ethical Personalism. The New Italian Translation by Roberta Guccinelli PDF
Francesca Forlè, Sarah Songhorian 182-183
An Ethics of the “Individual Essence”. A Review about the New Italian Translation of Scheler’s “Formalism” PDF
Barbara Malvestiti 184-188
Preserve the Light that Enlightens: A New Italian Translation for Scheler's Formalism PDF
Jonathan Bazzi 190-196

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