No 11 (2016)

Emotions, Normativity, and Social Life
Edited by Francesca Forlè and Sarah Songhorian

No 10 (2016)

Consciousness and Cognition. The Cognitive Phenomenology Debate
Edited by Elisabetta Sacchi and Alberto Voltolini


No 9 (2015)

Joint Commitment: Collective Intentionality, Norms and Justice
Edited by Francesca De Vecchi and Silvia Tossut

No 8 (2015)

Philosophy and the Future of Europe
Edited by Stefano Bacin, Diego Fusaro and Roberta Sala 


No 7 (2014)

Naturalism, the First-Person Persective and the Embodied Mind
Lynne Baker’s Challenge: Metaphysical and Practical Approaches
Edited by Massimo reichlin

No 6 (2014)

Mind, Habits and Social Reality
Edited by Matt Bower and Emanuele Carminada


No 5 (2013)

The Place of Values in a World of Norms
Edited by Francesca Forlè and Sarah Songhorian

No 4 (2013)

Sense and Sensibility. Empirical and Philosophical Investigations on the Five Senses
Edited by Clotilde Calabi and Elisabetta Sacchi


No 3 (2012)

Norms, Values, Society: Phenomenological and Ontological Approaches
Edited by Emanuele Caminada and Barbara Malvestiti

No 2 (2012)

Making the Social World: Social Ontology, Collective Intentionality, and Normativity
Edited by Francesca De Vecchi


No 1 (2011)

Phenomenology and Analytic Philosophy: Perspectives
on Mind and Consciousness
Edited by Roberta De Monticelli and Francesca De Vecchi

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