La gouvernance, ou du Fédéralisme post-national des pouvoirs exécutifs

Barbara Spinelli


This text corresponds to a presentation at the «Forum européen des alternatives», held in Paris on May 30-31, 2015. It focuses on the substitution – even at a linguistic level – of a “government” (as a legitimate expression of a democratically represented European citizenship) with a “governance” (the actual decision organism on issues related to economy and the crisis) constituted by the “Troika” (composed by representatives of the European Commission, the Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund). It shows how and in which (large) measure this “post-national Federalism of the executive powers” (Habermas) thwarts the rules of political representation stated by the Treatise of Lisbon and violates the European Charter of Rights.


Governance; Government; Representation; Rights; Constitution

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