Torino: spazi aperti tra progetti e realtà

Adalgisa Rubino


Turin boasts one of the most advanced environmental projects in Europe. The project “Turin, city of waters”, the Green Ring, the Green Crown, the parks of the Spine System and of the Suburban Project witness of the intense activity carried out by the City since years. We are dealing with a network of strictly integrated green areas reaching the Turin hills from the urban area and then the wider belt of mountains surrounding the metropolitan region. Such project is one of the means used by Turin in order to revamp its city image and it is re-positioning at a European level, also in relation with the Olympic Winter Games of 2006. Summing up the activities carried out, it seems that the environmental dimension and the realization of the large urban parks – some of which form an integrant part of the projects linked to the service facilities for the Olympic Games – have been postponed in favour of projects with more immediate economic returns, such as the urban transformation interventions of architectural – urban type. The Olympic event has therefore represented a moment of standstill in the implementation of the project, rather than a stimulus toward its completion.

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