Torino ieri, oggi, domani: una visione di sintesi

Attilia Peano


This paper is intended to do a comparative analysis of the urban growth of Turin, both those pragmatically focused on the future of the city and those critically and dangerously unable to be a strong guide for the transformation of the city. The paper talks about Turin as being the capital of the Reign of Italy, when urban plans changed the exterior of the city and defined the economical basis of Turin for centuries; then it focuses on Turin as an industrial city, strictly of car making. Secondarily, the paper discusses the decline of the industrial sector, which caused the decline of the city and its energy. Thanks to the Olympic Games, the city had an occasion of renewal, provided it is able to take advantage of the economical and financial resources that every city carries as a result of the Olympic Games. Is the renewal plan for Turin able to change the perspectives of the city’s decline? Most planned changes are punctual, isolated and are disjointed, so we can say that these changes are difficult to rescue the city from its decline, and are probably unable to improve the city over the long-term and to guide it through the post-industrial era, as many other cities did.

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