Vol 122, No 2 (2017)

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Validation and reliability of a new PC-controlled device for the evaluation of key pinch strength in healthy adults PDF
Filadelfio Puglisi, Piergiorgio Francia, Giuseppe Seghieri, Alfio Timothy Puglisi, Massimo Gulisano, Marco Romoli 75-88
Relationships between seasonal (spring or autumnal) thermal variations and cell proliferation in heterothermic vertebrates, as revealed by PCNA expression in the brain of adult Rana bergeri (Günther, 1986) PDF
Vito Margotta, Claudio Chimenti 89-97
Stature estimation from cephalometric parameters of young adults in five Nigerian ethnic groups PDF
Dennis E. Eboh, Patrick S. Igbigbi 98-109
Prevalence of pedal symphalangism in Turkish population. A radiographic survey PDF
Selahattin Ozyurek, Ozkan Kose, Mustafa Celiktas, Bogachan Tokatman, Aziz Atik, Omer Faruk Kilicaslan 110-120
Double inferior vena cava with variant hemiazygos vein – a case report PDF
Sumathilatha Sakthi Velavan, Bedia Castellanos, Sushama Rich, Robert Goldberg 121-126
Anatomical considerations on surgical implications of corona mortis: an Indian study PDF
Minnie Pillay, Tintu T. Sukumaran, Mahendran Mayilswamy 127-136
Morphological characterization of the left coronary artery in horses. Comparative analysis with humans, pigs, and other animal species PDF
Fabian A. Gómez, Luis E. Ballesteros, Hernando Y. Estupiñan 137-146
Atypical insertion of the abductor pollicis longus muscle, an anatomical case report PDF
Anu V. Ranade, Rajalakshmi Rai, Bukkambudhi V. Murlimanju, Mohamed A. Eladl 147-150
Herophilus of Chalcedon (ca. 330-250 BC) and ocular anatomy. A review PDF
Konstantinos Laios, Marilita M. Moschos, George Androutsos 151-154

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