Stature estimation from cephalometric parameters of young adults in five Nigerian ethnic groups

Dennis E. Eboh, Patrick S. Igbigbi


Various studies across the globe have documented population-specific data on stature estimation from dimensions of the head. This is important in forensic identification. This study was undertaken to formulate regression equations from circumference, length and width of the head, with a view to determining stature. A total of 888 undergraduates from six South-South Nigerian universities, who are of the tribes Ukwuani, Bini, Annang, Izon and Ikwere, were sampled for the study. Body height and three dimensions of the head were measured using standard methods. Results show that the parameters measured were higher in males with significant values than females in most ethnic groups studied (p<0.05). There were significant relationship between height and dimensions of the head (p<0.05) in most cases. Application of cephalometric parameters as tools in forensic examination is hereby highlighted.


anthropology; human identification; stature; head dimensions; ethnic groups.

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