A rare instance of fused pelvic kidney without other associated congenital anomalies

Cheryl Melovitz-Vasan, Paolo Varricchio, Nagaswami Vasan


Much of the fused pelvic kidney (pancake kidney) described in the literature are complicated by coexisting anomalies of other organ system and vasculature. During a routine anatomical dissection of a 69 year-old male we found a fused pelvic kidney without vascular or other organ system defects. A detailed dissection of the entire body showed normal anatomical features except pancreatic cancer and related lymph nodes. Further dissection of the pelvic kidney showed presence of right and left accessory renal arteries; however the remaining vasculature was normal. Possible embryological causes of pelvic kidney and clinical consequences of this anomaly are discussed.


pelvic/pancake kidney; congenital defect; embryology

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/IJAE-20927

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