Natalini Architetti e Guicciardini & Magni Architetti - L'ampliamento dell'Opera del Duomo

Adolfo Natalini


The museum narrates an epic history but it’s also a building that reunites sculptures, paintings and furniture designed for different epochs and different architectural settings. Inside the museums the authors recreated the Arnolfo di Cambio’s Cathedral façade with a full-scale model based on Bernardino Poccetti’s drawing and constructed thanks to in-depth research and analysis of the architectural text, an archaeological study of stone fragments, and comparison with contemporary structures. Paraphrasing Leon Battista Alberti «and know that no thing that is painted shall appear identical to the original unless the correct distance is established from which to observe it» we could say that no real thing will continue to appear real unless the original distance from the observer is maintained.

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