Vol 21 (2017-2018)

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From Comparative to Global History: Assessing Relational Approaches to the Past

Foreword PDF
Giovanni Tarantino
Entanglements, Political Communication, and Shared Temporal Layers PDF
Margrit Pernau, Luc Wodzicki 1-17
Disciplinarity and Forgetfulness: On the Older Historiography of Global Connections PDF
Henning Trüper 18-29
Circulation of People, Circulation of Objects, across South Eastern Europe and the Ottoman Empire, Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries
Introduction PDF
Giulia Calvi 30-35
‘This is their profession’ Greek merchants in Transylvania and their Networks at the End of the 17th century PDF
Maria Pakucs 36-54
Healing, Translating, Collecting. Doctor Michelangelo Tilli across the Ottoman Empire (1683–85) PDF
Giulia Calvi 55-69
Greek as Ottoman? Language, identity and mediation of Ottoman culture in the early modern period PDF
Michał Wasiucionek 70-89
‘Le Coquin Grec’ vs. ‘le Véritable François’ Being a foreigner in the Danubian Principalities in Eighteenth Century PDF
Constanţa Vintilă-Ghiţulescu 90-105
Iordache Filipescu, the ‘last great boyar’ of Wallachia and his heritage: a world of power, influence and goods PDF
Nicoleta Roman 106-122

Historians and Their Craft

An Interview with Sanjay Subrahmanyam PDF
Daniel Barbu 123-132
Global Intellectual History: Some Reflections on Recent Publications PDF
Ann Thomson 133-138

Reviews and Critical Notes

James Belich John Darwin Margaret Frenz and Chris Wickham eds, The Prospect of Global History, Oxford Oxford University Press 2016 PDF
Serena Ferente 139-142
Calasso Giovanna and Giuliano Lancioni eds, Dār al-islām / dār al-ḥarb Territories, People, Identities, Leiden-Boston Brill 2017 PDF
Caterina Bori 143-149
Naama Cohen-Hanegbi and Piroska Nagy, Pleasure in the Middle Ages, Turnhout Brepols Publishers 2018 PDF
Catherine Rose Hailstone 150-152
Anne Gerritsen and Giorgio Riello eds, The Global Lives of Things: The Material Culture of Connections in the Early Modern World, London and New York: Routledge 2016 PDF
Raffaella Sarti 153-158
Serge Gruzinski, L’histoire, pour quoi faire?, Paris Fayard 2015 PDF
Marco Meriggi 159-163
Jordan Gschwend, Annemarie and K. J. P. Lowe eds, The Global City On the Streets of Renaissance Lisbon, London Paul Holberton Publishing 2015 PDF
Zoltán Biedermann 164-168
Adam Knobler, Mythology and Diplomacy in the Age of Exploration, Leiden-Boston: Brill 2017 PDF
Marco Volpato 169-172
AAVV, Civilizing Emotions Concepts in Nineteenth-Century Asia and Europe, Oxford Oxford University Press 2015 PDF
Susan Broomhall 173-178
Joseph Ben Prestel, Emotional Cities Debates on Urban Change in Berlin and Cairo 1860-1910, Oxford Oxford University Press 2017 PDF
Ben Gook 179-181

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