“Me ponían apodos o estereotipos por el simple hecho de ser cristiana”: actores y comportamientos racistas hacia las religiones cristianas no católicas en la ciudad de Saltillo (México)

Francesco Gervasi


This article focuses on an investigation whose general objective is to reconstruct and classify forms of differentialist racism towards the members of non-Catholic Christian religions in the city of Saltillo, both in their face - to - face relationships and in the mass media. The theoretical framework consists of the following concepts and themes: racism, cultural racism/differentialist racism and racism in the mass media. The main results highlight, among other aspects, ambivalent tendencies: on the one hand, interviewees point out the scarce presence of non-Catholic Christian religions in the traditional mass media (mainly in open television, radio and newspapers) and, on the other hand, the guaranteed presence in social networks which seem to be, although with some problematic implications, the main means of expression of non-Catholic Christian religions in Mexico. In face-to-face relationships, however, the most racist actors are the priests and members of the Catholic Church, priests and members of other Christian churches, family members of Catholicism, school friends and school teachers; while the acts by which differentialist racism is expressed have to do with more or less serious forms of symbolic violence. Finally, in the conclusions, it is pointed out the importance of promoting the passage from diversity to religious pluralism, as a starting point to be able to aspire to the construction of societies based on peaceful coexistence of differences.


Saltillo; non-catholic christian religions; differentialist racism; face-to-face interactions; mass media

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/ccselap-23184


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