Co-costruire una nuova figura professionale gestendo la diversità: tra progettazione europea, contesto e bisogni specifici. L’esempio del facilitatore di rete nel progetto europeo Lefamsol

Federico Trentanove


This article tries to shed light on the mode of construction and the processes put in place within an international European project based on action research. What happens when you have to bring into a local context an idea created in a transnational framework? What are the ways to structure a process leaving within it freedom of action to all parts involved? Very interesting is to look at that gray and nuanced area where the “diversities” concentrate and enter into a relationship (sometimes clashing): the intents and cultural-conceptual models of the project designers, the historical-political contexts, the realities of individual countries, the local context, the actions of individual researchers, the actions/reactions of the beneficiaries of the project and so on. In concrete, it will be treated the process of design and construction of the professional role of the “network facilitator” within the European project LeFAMsol (Learning for Female African Migrants’ Solidarity: Help-Desks for Female African Migrants in the Eastern Mediterranean Region) by following its development beyond the end of the project. We will look at the techniques used and the strategies implemented to translate an idea into a figure that reflects the target group and stakeholders needs, functionally inserting in the local social environment. Highlighting the constructive tension that drives this process, it will be advanced an ethical and methodological proposal with a spiral path (experiencing/understanding/giving feedback) that should permeate these projects at every stage: from its design to its implementation respecting the needs of the parts involved (researchers and beneficiaries) and the contexts in which they’re inserted.


applied anthropology; action research; diversity; interculturality; European and Transnational projects

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