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CAMBIO. Rivista sulle trasformazioni sociali is a peer-reviewed and open-access electronic journal now in its seventh year. It aims to promote theoretical and analytical debates at international level arising from contributions focused on processes of change that are affecting present-day individuals and societies at both local and global levels. CAMBIO's main inspiration is sociological, but it has deliberately chosen to place itself in the open field of the social sciences, convinced that there can be no real depth of specialization without acceptance of the challenge of complexity, a challenge that must be faced in any attempt to interpret, understand, explain or comprehend.





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La famiglia Bargellini con Archivio Il Sessantotto, Fondazione Giovanni Michelucci, Istituto Ernesto de Martino, Cambio. Rivista sulle trasformazioni sociali istituiscono il Premio “Lorenzo Bargellini”, per tesi di laurea magistrale e di dottorato sui temi della inclusione sociale, dell'abitare e dell'immigrazione.

Partecipazione al bando dal 20 novembre 2018 al 15 febbraio 2019, premiazione 4 giugno 2019.

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Posted: 2018-12-20

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Guest editors: Paulina BarreraCamilla EmmeneggerTommaso FrangioniGaia GondinoGiulia MarroccoliMoreno Stambazzi

In an age of disintermediation and fading of great mass movements, the "spectre" of solitude seems to appear on the political, social and media scene. Following Mair, we think, for example, of how "the widening gap between rulers and ruled has facilitated the often strident populist challenge" (Mair: 2013), in a political space characterized by the disengagement of both elites and citizens.

On the one hand, and as proof of this disengagement, no political formations that could effectively deal with current phenomena of existential precarization or the challenges posed by migratory flows have emerged. On the other hand, despite the fact that in recent years the welfare state has been reduced in many European countries, due to the intensification of austerity measures, the formation of protest movements similar to those of 2012 (e.g. Indignados and Occupy) has not been observed. Finally, with respect to subjective level, we consider the detachment from politics - both as discourse and practice - well exemplified by the inability to build collective representations of individual problems.

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Posted: 2018-10-22
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