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CAMBIO. Rivista sulle trasformazioni sociali is a peer-reviewed and open-access electronic journal now in its nineth year. It aims to promote theoretical and analytical debates at international level arising from contributions focused on processes of change that are affecting present-day individuals and societies at both local and global levels. CAMBIO's main inspiration is sociological, but it has deliberately chosen to place itself in the open field of the social sciences, convinced that there can be no real depth of specialization without acceptance of the challenge of complexity, a challenge that must be faced in any attempt to interpret, understand, explain or comprehend.



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Number 18 | December 2019 [deadline October 31th, 2019]  

Narrating Science: Risks and Opportunities in the Information Society

During the last years the popularity of more and more radical antiscientific theories has increased. Their diffusion create problems to the relationship among citizens and science. It is a global phenomenon and we can recognize its effects in different fields of science such as the international flat-earth movement which questions the elementary assumption of astronomy concerning the solar system or the various local No-Vax movements which criticizes the opportunity of massive vaccinations. The relational communication dimension is one of the essential cornerstones of this wave of antiscientific positions because it feeds common thought practices and consequently causes collective actions. At the same time, the emersion of this collective social communities gives us the opportunity to meditate on the weakness of the diffusion of scientific culture in contemporary society. This weakness is a striking paradox in our information society, permeated by the widespread diffusion in everyday life of so many technological innovations directly and mainly derived from scientific research. The relation among sciences, technology and information society is, therefore, one of the main path of investigation in this monographic section and intercepts a new appreciation of the role of public understanding of science as a tool for the promotion of a more informed and aware society in every field of human coexistence: social, economic, anthropologic, economic, cultural and political...

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Posted: 2019-08-01



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