Corpi e cura nelle nuove narrazioni delle maschilità

Cristiana Ottaviano


On the basis of research conducted across several men’s focus groups in coordination with Maschile Plurale, this essay engages the topic of Men’s Studies. Beginning with an introduction to the scientific and social debate on masculinity, the essay provides a cross-examination of empirical data across multiple themes including male body, care practices, and self-listening. A framework emerges which confirms a contemporary male ambivalence balanced between stigmatized patriarchal models, and newer modes of behavior not yet consolidated. Even men who practice self-reflection, and are therefore aware of their attitudes, affirm the difficulties of masculine intimacy. An example is reticence toward physical contact with other men, which even fatherhood, encouraging physical contact with one’s children, fails to ease. Emerging from the field however, is the heuristic value of qualitative research that engage men “in transformation”; significant not only to close gaps in our understanding of these issues, but also as a transformative practice in sociocultural reality.


Body; Care; Narratives; Men’s Studies; Focus Group

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