La creatività e l’innovazione come collegamento tra artista e pubblico

Mariselda Tessarolo


An innovator is a subject who’s not afraid of abandoning tradition. Some of his interpretations initially intended as deviations from the system, as errors, were proved to be nothing else but a displacement of the system. An important point for creativity is becoming aware (noticing, recognizing, understanding) that it is the moment to change, or that this moment is getting closer. What is and has been defined as art comes from experiences and actions that are, for their nature, continuative and collective. Such a situation derives from the fact that the experiences were nothing else than the steps of many on a previously well marked road, provided of finger-posts all wayfarers can easily read. The art as practice is rooted in the texture of the collective existence in which the individual which assumes it searches for reasons, excuses and justifications, but, at last, he has to face a specific activity the constant evolution of which neither the primitivity nor the holy could take account of.


Innovation and anticipation; Vanguard; Artist and audience; Postmodern vanguard

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