Imparando da Winston Parva. Il contributo di Norbert Elias allo studio dell'integrazione degli immigrati

Andrea Valzania


Unlike most of the work about integration, based on the centrality of cultural or economic differences, the figuration of Elias suggests to analyze power differences between social groups (established and outsider) on the basis of more or less sociological seniority. In particular, the ability of groups with greater seniority to mantein the dominance over newcomers. This paper analyzes, in relation to the study of integration today, the three main methods used by the established in Winston Parva: the symbolic power and the stigma; the stereotypes and the gossip; the memory of social group. The paper show then how these dynamics are also present in the industrial district of Prato, which was characterized in recent years by flows of migrants.


Figuration; Integration; Foreigner; Immigrant; Gossip; Memory; Industrial District; City of Prato

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