Vol 3 (2017)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/QULSO-2421-7220-3

Edited by M. Rita Manzini

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M. Rita Manzini 9-10


a/bare finite complements in Southern Italian varieties: mono-clausal or bi-clausal syntax? PDF
M. Rita Manzini, Paolo Lorusso, Leonardo M. Savoia 11-59
Modal particles in Albanian subjunctive, infinitive and supine constructions: presence vs absence of clitic climbing PDF
Giuseppina Turano 61-86
Some notes on Italian ethnic adjectives PDF
Ludovico Franco 87-116
Changing the topic in question-answer pairs: a production study on the use of subject, topicalization and passive in Italian PDF
Claudia Manetti 117-134
Branching onsets and segment licensing: the lack of debuccalization or deletion of the muta cum liquida clusters in central Sardinian dialects PDF
Lucia Molinu 135-155
The voiced and voiceless outcomes of intervocalic -SJ- in Old Tuscan PDF
Stefano Canalis 157-182
Stress shift under cliticization in Nuorese Sardinian PDF
Rosangela Lai 183-199
Fitonimia arbëreshe: le designazioni delle piante rampicanti PDF
Maria Luisa Pignoli 201-218
Fenomeni fonetici e morfo-sintattici del dialetto campano di Pagani PDF
Giuseppe Vitolo 219-241
The modal particle ma 嘛: theoretical frames, analysis and interpretive perspectives PDF
Carmen Lepadat 243-270
Contributors PDF

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