Vol 1 (2015)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/QULSO-2421-7220-1

Edited by M. Rita Manzini

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Quaderni di Linguistica e Studi Orientali / Working Papers in Linguistics and Oriental Studies, Vol. 1, 2015. Full Issue PDF
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Preliminaries PDF
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From the Editor

From the Editor PDF
M. Rita Manzini 9-11


Some Considerations on the ’s Morpheme in English: Acquisition and Theory PDF
Elisa Di Domenico 13-35
Word-Initial Geminates in Sardinian PDF
Rosangela Lai 37-60
Auxiliaries and Verb Classes in Child Italian: A Syntactic Analysis of the Development of Aspect PDF
Paolo Lorusso 61-88
Acquiring Romance Causatives: Evidence from Child Italian PDF
Giulia Bellucci 89-116
Syntactic Protocols to Enhance Inclusive Cultural Identity. A Case Study on Istro-Romanian Clausal Structure PDF
Giuliana Giusti, Iulia Zegrean 117-138
(De)Legitimization Strategies in the “Austere Prose” of Palmiro Togliatti PDF
Benedetta Baldi, Ludovico Franco 139-158
Compliment Patterning among Young Speakers: A Diachronic and Translational Study of English and Dubbed Italian Film Dialogue PDF
Debora Ciampi 159-177
Translation Techniques and Interpretative Phenomena in the Greek Version of the Hebrew Bible: A Study of the Figurative Use of the Noun צֵל ‘Shadow’ PDF
Romina Vergari 179-203
Chinese Students’ Development of Textual Competence in L2 Italian: A Corpus-Based Study PDF
Andrea Scibetta 205-231
The Role of kunten Materials in the Process of Sino-Japanese Hybridization PDF
Valerio Luigi Alberizzi 233-258
Contributors PDF

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