Martina Romanelli, “Ancor che tristo ha suoi diletti il vero”. Una lettura di Zibaldone 2999, Firenze, Società editrice fiorentina, 2018, pp. 212

Oleksandra Rekut-Liberatore


This review of “Ancor che tristo ha suoi diletti il vero”, an interpretation of Zibaldone 2999 (SEF, 2018) by Martina Romanelli focuses on an observation made on 21 July 1823 concerning late 16th century theatre. This analysis comprises the early stages in a theoretical revolution which will radically change the poetry of Leopardi. Starting from this unusual interpretation, which over the years was to influence other observations regarding Zibaldone, Romanelli returns to a crucial phase in Leopardi’s reflections on the sense and justification of chorus as a medium for poetry. The choral dimension, in all its variants, offers an extensive panorama not only for Leopardi’s opera omnia, but also for dramatic art in general, from the great Dionysian to the modern.


chorus; dramatic representation; interpretation; late 16th century theatre; Leopardi

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