Raul Calzoni, La letteratura tedesca del secondo dopoguerra. L’età delle macerie e della ricostruzione (1945-1961), Roma, Carocci, 20182, pp. 318 e La letteratura tedesca contemporanea...

Isabella Ferron


These three recent publications focus on the study of German-speaking literature between the end of World War II in 1945 and today. In the first volume, Calzoni focuses on literary production immediately after 1945 until the building of the Berlin Wall; in the second volume his target is literary production between 1961 and today, with particular attention to its relation with mass media. Hermann and Horstkotte concentrate their reflections and analysis on the period after the Berlin Wall (1989) and the present days. The year 1989-1990 represents a significant hiatus in literary production and is considered the starting point for the development of a new form of literature that has to face multifaceted, globalised contemporary society.


Berlin Wall; German reunification; German-speaking literature; National Socialist Past; Wende

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