Sulla categorizzazione linguistica a proposito del Vocabolario dei suffissi ungheresi e i loro corrispondenti in italiano

Edit Rózsavölgyi


The aim of this study is to offer a reflection on categorization in a crosslinguistic perspective and to investigate possible strategies in comparing the Italian and Hungarian languages. In the light of recent research on how to handle cross-linguistic variation using adequate comparative concepts (Haspelmath 2007, 2018), the existing correlation between Italian and Hungarian object marking will be highlighted in order to show how the two linguistic systems, which at first sight appear to be incompatible, are nothing more than variations on the theme. The idea of this analysis originated with regards to the Vocabulary of Hungarian suffixes compared to their Italian counterparties, which is in preparation and challenges us with significant research questions concerning categorization.


categorisation; comparative concepts; Direct Object; Hungarian; Italian

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