Il re nella Kādambarī. Regalità, Fato e Fortuna nella Kādambarī di Bāṇa

Maria Luisa Gnoato


After some observations about the importance attributed to the king in the most authoritative texts of Brahmanic tradition, this essay illustrates the role of the sovereign in Kādambarī, the famous novel by Bāṇa. The king embodies the force that permeates and sustains the whole world. He is the first principle of the universe and thus the axis mundi. Extremely problematic is the relationship betweenindividual value and “fate” (karman), to which the very sovereign is subject, although he himself is defined as the “source of fortune”. The king’s value depends on his firm dedication to Dharma and on his ability to lead all creatures to consciousness of their own sacredness. The protagonists of this novel are linked by religious merit, the only element that can change fate.


Bāṇa; fate; fortune; Kādambarī; royalty

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