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Quaderni di Jems, 2 - Suppl. Journal of Early Modern Studies, Vol. 7 (2018)

Al Mine Eie’. La rappresentazione del Sé e i Sonnets di Shakespeare by Angelo Deidda

Al Mine Eie investigates the emergence of issues and themes associated with the ‘construction of the Self’, in the context of early modern English Literature and Culture. The essay opens with a critical excursus of the main studies which, through different approaches − in particular those derived from Neo-Historicism, Cultural Materialism, and Postmodernism − try to cast some light on the emerging of the notion of the modern Selfas a privatedimension of the individual subjectivity. The textual exemplication is carried out on the 1609 Thorpe edition of Shakespeare’s Sonnets, and involves a discussion about the possible semantic modifications brought about by the modernization of the original text of the Sonnets


Quaderni di Jems, 1 - Suppl. Journal of Early Modern Studies, Vol. 5 (2016)

Translation and Manipulation in Renaissance England by John Denton

John Denton’s book (Translation and Manipulation in Renaissance England) is the first of a series of publications connected with JEMS (Journal of Early Modern Studies) entitled ‘QJ - Quaderni di JEMS’.  Like the journal itself, the aim of the ‘Quaderni’ is to contribute to the development and discussion, in an interdisciplinary perspective, of themes concerning early modern European culture. The specific intent of these a latere publications, however, is that of highlighting and examining in depth specific issues, focalising on distinct topics, which are of  significant interest as contributions to the comprehension of early modern culture. These may comprise the outcome of linguistic research, especially – but not exclusively – in a historical perspective, the critical edition of brief and rare texts, or of hitherto unpublished texts, essays and debates comparing different perspectives and approaches by various authors on a given problem, epistolary exchanges or pamplets which illustrate political, religious, historical, social or artistic themes and contexts, and also accounts of the ‘state of the art’ regarding issues of special topical and historical importance.

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