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JEMS 6, 2017 - Call for Papers

The 2017 issue of JEMS, edited by Alessandro Arcangeli and Anu Korhonen, is entitled A Time of Their Own. Experiencing Time and Temporality in the Early Modern World. The issue will explore the different ways in which time was culturally constructed in the early modern period and how it was experienced, conceptualized and organized. There is no call for papers for this issue because it collects a selection of contributions presented at The Annual Cultural History Conference of the International Society for Cultural History (ISCH), which was held at the University of Bucharest Campus, Romania, on September 7-10, 2015.


JEMS 7, 2018 - Call for Papers

We are now inviting contributions for Volume 7 of the Journal of Early Modern Studies, to be released online in March 2018. The issue, jointly edited by Riccardo Bruscagli and Luca Degl’Innocenti, is entitled Out Loud: Practices of Reading and Reciting in Early Modern Times. Its aim is to bring together scholars from a wide disciplinary spectrum who are working on the linguistic, literary, historical, and more broadly cultural features of the practice of reading and reciting poetry and literary texts, in formal as well as informal contexts, aloud.
The increasing interest in orality, both from a structural and a historical point of view, has already produced a remarkable amount of very distinguished scholarship. Within this very large and diverse field of study, we intend to focus on the techniques of memorization, improvisation, and performance, which might be required in the practice of reading and reciting verse and prose aloud. For certain literary genres – typically in chivalric literature, for example – such practices, and the related skills, are obvious and well documented, but we are also calling for attention to be paid to the recitation of lyric poetry, plays (the so-called ‘closeted dramas’), short stories, novelle, and other verbal artefacts, in a broad array of contexts, ranging from Academies and Salons to informal social gatherings and even family pastimes.
In the space between reading silently and reciting aloud in theatrical productions, we think there is a very large, interesting, and significant range of phenomena waiting to be explored.
Contributions on the relationships between recited texts and their printed official versions are also welcome.

Main deadlines:
- 16th October 2016: adhere to project and send working title to Riccardo Bruscagli ( and Luca Degl’Innocenti (
- 31st January 2017: finalize paper for submission to referees. Articles must comply with the editorial norms and must not exceed 12000 words, including footnotes and bibliography.
All articles are published in English. Please be so kind as to have your paper revised by a native speaker.

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