Vol 5 (2016)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/JEMS-2279-7149-5

The Many Lives of William Shakespeare
Biography, Authorship and Collaboration

edited by William Leahy and Paola Pugliatti

Table of Contents

Jems 5-2016 - Full Issue PDF
Cover PDF
Contents PDF
Editorial PDF
William Leahy, Paola Pugliatti 11-13

Part One - Introduction

Everything and Nothing: The Many Lives of William Shakespeare PDF
Roger Chartier 17-26

Part Two - Case Studies

Biography and Biographism
‘the dreamscape of nostalgia’: Shakespearean Biography: Too Much Information (but not about Shakespeare) PDF
William Leahy 31-52
William Shakespeare, My New Best Friend? PDF
Andrew Hadfield 53-68
Shakespearian Biography and the Geography of Collaboration PDF
Katherine Scheil 69-90
Shakespeare and Warwickshire Dialect PDF
Rosalind Barber 91-118
‘Fabricated Lives’: Shakespearean Collaboration in Fictional Forms PDF
Robert Sawyer 119-132
Authorship, Co-Authorship and Collaboration
Text, Style, and Author in Hamlet Q1 PDF
Christy Desmet 135-156
Authors of the Mind PDF
Marcus Dahl 157-173
Shakespeare in Arden of Faversham and the Additions to The Spanish Tragedy: Versification Analysis PDF
Marina Tarlinskaja 175-200
Exploring Co-Authorship in 2 Henry VI PDF
Darren Freebury-Jones 201-216
Shakespeare and Middleton’s Co-Authorship of Timon of Athens PDF
Eilidh Kane 217-235
‘ready apparrelled to begyn the play’: Collaboration, Text and Authorship in Shakespeare’s Theatre and on the Stage of the Commedia dell’Arte PDF
Paola Pugliatti 237-260
‘mere prattle without practice’: Authorship in Performance PDF
Thomas Betteridge, Gregory Thompson 261-274
Attribution Studies
Between Authorship and Oral Transmission: Negotiating the Attribution of Authorial, Oral and Collective Style Markers in Early Modern Playtexts PDF
Lene Buhl Petersen 277-306
Non-Traditional Authorship Attribution Studies of William Shakespeare’s Canon: Some Caveats PDF
Joseph Rudman 307-328
Hand D and Shakespeare’s Unorthodox Literary Paper Trail PDF
Diana Price 329-352
Fake Shakespeare PDF
Gary Taylor 353-379
Appropriation and Authorship
‘by curious Art compild’: The Passionate Pilgrime and the Authorial Brand PDF
Donatella Pallotti 383-407
Transmission as Appropriation: The Early Reception of John Benson’s Edition of Shakespeare’s Poems (1640) PDF
Jean-Christophe Mayer 409-422
Contributors PDF

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