Vol 6 (2017)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/JEMS-2279-7149-6

A Time of Their Own. Experiencing Time and Temporality
in the Early Modern World, edited by Alessandro Arcangeli and Anu Korhonen

Table of Contents

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Editorial PDF
Alessandro Arcangeli, Anu Korhonen 9-13

Part One – Reading Temporalities in History

Reading Time: The Act of Reading and Early Modern Time Perceptions PDF
Alessandro Arcangeli 17-37
Temporalities and History in the Renaissance PDF
Étienne Bourdon 39-60
‘the several hours of the day had variety of employments assigned to them’: Women’s Timekeeping in Early Modern England PDF
Anu Korhonen 61-85

Part Two - Case Studies

Marking the New Year: Dated Objects and the Materiality of Time in Early Modern England PDF
Sophie Cope 89-111
Time Management and Autonomous Subjectivity: Catherine Talbot, Politeness, and Self-Discipline as a Practice of Freedom PDF
Soile Ylivuori 113-132
Killing Time. Ennui in Eighteenth-Century English Culture PDF
Marjo Kaartinen 133-155
(Re)thinking Time: Giordano Bruno and Michel de Montaigne PDF
Rachel Ashcroft 157-181
Time and Exemplarity PDF
Anne Eriksen 183-204


Time, Tempo, Tense PDF
Paola Pugliatti 207-232
Contributors PDF

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