Vol 2, No 3 (2013)

Between Crisis and Development: Which Role for the Bio-Economy

Papers selected from the AIEAA conference 2013, after regular peer review

Table of Contents

Between crisis and development: which role for the bio-economy (and bio-economists) PDF
Donato Romano 209-211

Reviews Articles

Food commodity price volatility and food insecurity PDF
Alexander Sarris 213-236

Full Research Articles

Commodity futures markets: are they an effective price risk management tool for the European wheat supply chain? PDF
Cesar Revoredo-Giha, Marco Zuppiroli 237-255
Structural and economic dynamics in diversified Italian farms PDF
Cristina Salvioni, Elisa Ascione, Roberto Henke 257-275
How rural is the EU RDP? An analysis through spatial fund allocation PDF
Beatrice Camaioni, Roberto Esposti, Antonello Lobianco, Francesco Pagliacci, Franco Sotte 277-300
An integrated PMP model to assess the development of agro-energy crops and the effect on water requirements PDF
Michele Donati, Diego Bodini, Filippo Arfini, Annalisa Zezza 301-321

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