Structures and dynamics of transnational cooperation networks: evidence based on Local Action Groups in the Veneto Region, Italy

Elena Pisani, Laura Burighel


The paper assesses the structures and dynamics of transnational cooperation projects promoted by Local Action Groups (LAGs) in different periods (from LEADER II to LEADER Axis) using Social Network Analysis (SNA) in a specific case study: the Veneto Region in Italy. The classical indexes of SNA have been critically examined, and the paper also presents innovative indexes that can capture the peculiarity of transnational cooperation: disaggregated densities of the network and transnational centrality of the node. These indexes are useful in order to quantify how transnational a network actually is, and to measure the power-information that each actor (LAG) can acquire through its transnational contacts. The methodology can become a tool for Managing Authorities to implement new forms of evaluation of transnational cooperation of LAGs.


Rural; transnational cooperation; LEADER; social network analysis; evaluation

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