Aisthesis. Pratiche, linguaggi e saperi dell’estetico

Founded in 2008 by Fabrizio Desideri and Giovanni Matteucci, «Aisthesis. Pratiche, linguaggi e saperi dell’estetico» is a peer-reviewed Open Access Journal whose focal aim is to promote interdisciplinary and transcultural research and debate in Aesthetics and the arts. Transcending traditional subject boundaries and understanding the notion of "aesthetic" as a pervasive component of human cultures and life forms, Aisthesis innovatively integrates a major focus on the intersection between aesthetics and the contemporary sciences (biology, psychology, neurosciences) with an in-depth interest in the history of the discipline, its leading classics and great metaphysical questions.

The journal appears biannually, in spring and autumn, and welcomes insightful academic articles and timely book reviews. Each issue includes a thematic cluster and a miscellany; call for papers are regularly announced on the journal website. "Aisthesis" is indexed, among others, in The Philosopher's Index, Philpapers, Google Scholar, and ESCI.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Aisthesis has been included by Thomson & Reuters to ESCI (Emerging Sources Citation Index) 

We are pleased to announce that Aisthesis has been accepted for indexing in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI), a new edition of Web of Science™.

Content in this index is under consideration by Thomson Reuters to be accepted in the Science Citation Index Expanded™, the Social Sciences CitationIndex®, and the Arts & Humanities Citation Index®. 

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Editor in chief
Fabrizio Desideri

Filippo Fimiani (International relations) – Università degli studi di Salerno
Giovanni Matteucci (Editorial Coordinator) – Università degli studi di Bologna

Editorial Board
Alessandro Arbo - Université de Strasbourg
Roberto Diodato – Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Ubaldo Fadini - Università degli Studi di Firenze
Silvia Ferretti – Università degli studi di Macerata
Elio Franzini – Università degli Studi di Milano
Pietro Kobau – Università degli studi di Torino
Paolo Francesco Pieri – Università degli Studi di Firenze
Salvatore Tedesco – Università degli Studi di Palermo
Gabriele Tomasi – Università degli Studi di Padova

International Advisory Board
Andrew Benjamin – Faculty of Arts – Monash University
Jean-Pierre Cometti† – Université de Provence-Aix-Marseille 1
Terrence W. Deacon – Department of Anthropology - University of California, Berkeley
Philippe Descola – Collège de France, Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Sociale (EHESS)
Stephen Halliwell – University of St Andrews
José Jimenez – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Ricardo Ibarlucia – Centro de Investigaciones Filosóficas, Universidad Nacional de San Martin (Argentina)
Jerrold Levinson – University of Maryland, College Park
Winfried Menninghaus - Max Planck Institut für empirische Ästhetik, Frankfurt am Main
Jean-Michel Rey - Université de Paris VIII
Bertrand Rougé - Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour
Jean-Marie Schaeffer – CNRS, Centre de recherches sur les arts et le langage (EHESS)
Márcio Seligmann-Silva – Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Brasil)
Carlo Severi – CNRS, Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Sociale (Collège de France - EHESS)
Richard Shusterman – Florida Atlantic University
Carole Talon-Hugon - Département de Philosophie - Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis
Wolfgang Welsch – Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Christoph Wulf – Freie Universität Berlin 

Executive Committee
Alice Barale
Lorenzo Bartalesi (Managing Editor)
Elisa Caldarola
Chiara Cantelli
Gianluca Consoli
Pietro Conte
Emanuele Crescimanno
Filippo Focosi
Fausto Fraisopi
Michele Gardini 
Andrea Mecacci
Marina Montanelli
Maria Grazia Portera (Reviews Coordinator)
Alessia Ruco
Thomas Vercruysse
Vincenzo Zingaro

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