Lucciole e farfalle per un’immagine dialettica

Elisabetta Villari


This text as a postscript to the essay by Georges Didi Huberman who invites us to consider overturning a note metaphor of the disappearance of fireflies Pasolini speaks of "des Lucioles Survivance" Didi Huberman's provocation  is to resume the expression of Pasolini's writings  viewed by Guy Debord and Walter Benjamin refers to the political situation in Italy today and would like to make us reflect on a very topical subject as Berlusconi's Italy and a possible "resistance". This project intends to make a story pointing out that this symptom Sciascia had already used the metaphor about the Moro murder in the seventies after the death of Pasolini and it is important to remember and retrace your policy for this analysis that the book invites us to do, but do not forget some crucial steps to avoid the risk of the “eternal return of the same”.


Didi Huberman; Pasolini; Benjamin; History.

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