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Vol 31, No 1 A calcium lactate treatment at harvest, growing system and refrigerated modified atmosphere can affect strawberry's 'Camaraosa' postharvest quality? Abstract   PDF
M. Harris, M.C. Llorens, D. Frezza
Vol 26, No 1 Aerated water irrigation (oxygation) benefits to pineapple yield, water use efficiency and crop health Abstract   PDF
J. Dhungel, S.P. Bhattarai, D.J. Midmore
Vol 31, No 3 Aggressiveness of four Fusarium head blight species on wheat cultivars Abstract   PDF
N. Sakr
Vol 31, No 4 A mini-review of essential oils in the South Pacific and their insecticidal properties Abstract   PDF
R.R. Chand, A.D. Jokhan, R.D. Gopalan
Vol 30, No 1 Analysis of the effects of Glomus etunicatum fungi and Pseudomonas fluorescence bacteria symbiosis on some morphological and physiological characteristics of Mexican lime (Citrus aurantifolia L.) under drought stress conditions Abstract   PDF
A.R. Shahsavar, A. Refahi, M. Zarei, E. Aslmoshtaghi
Vol 31, No 4 Anatomical and morphological changes in scion of some olive grafting combinations under water deficit Abstract   PDF
A. Dadashpour, A. Shekafandeh, R. Oladi
Vol 31, No 3 An examination into the effects of frozen storage of olive fruit on extracted olive oils Abstract   PDF
M. Asheri, M.M. Sharifani, G. Kiani
Vol 25, No 2 Antioxidant capacity and phenolic total content in 'Fuerte' avocado submitted to hydrothermal treatment Abstract   PDF
E.R. Daiuto, J.G.F. Fumes, R.L. Vieites, N.C. Cabia, R.S.D. De Castro
Vol 29, No 1 A preliminary study on pollen compatibility of some hazelnut cultivars in Iran Abstract   PDF
A. Hosseinpour, Esmaeil Seifi, D. Javadi, Seyedeh Sanaz Ramezanpour
Vol 30, No 3 Arbuscular mycorrhizal isolate and phosphogypsum effects on growth and nutrients acquisition of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Abstract   PDF
M. Ibrahim
Vol 29, No 1 A simple approach to assess common root rot severity incidence data in wheat Abstract   PDF
M.I.E. Arabi, E. Al-Shehadah, M. Jawhar
Vol 30, No 4 Author Index Details   PDF
Vol 25, No 3 Basic considerations about pruning of deciduous fruit trees Abstract   PDF
C. Giulivo
Vol 30, No 3 Bioactivity of selected essential oils from medicinal plants found in Fiji against the Spiralling whiteflies (Aleurodicus dispersus Russell) Abstract   PDF
R.R. Chand, A.D. Jokhan, R.D. Gopalan
Vol 26, No 2 Book review Details   PDF
Vol 25, No 1 Book reviews Details   PDF
Vol 26, No 1 Book reviews Details   PDF
Vol 25, No 2 Book reviews Details   PDF
Vol 30, No 1 Characterization and evaluation of Berberis microphylla G. Forst pollen grains Abstract   PDF
S. Radice, M. Arena
Vol 31, No 2 Characterization of volatile compounds in Mentha spicata L. dried leaves Abstract   PDF
E. Masi, S. Caparrotta, C. Taiti, F. Ieri, P. Fiume, N. Moselhy, S. Mancuso, A. Romani
Vol 31, No 2 Chemical characterization and sensory analysis by blind and visually impaired people of local peach varieties Abstract   PDF
S. Bartolini, R. Viti, E. Ducci
Vol 31, No 3 Commercial advantages on basil architecture by ultraviolet-B irradiation Abstract   PDF
A. Ciurli, T. Huarancca Reyes, L. Guglielminetti
Vol 30, No 3 Comparative characterization of fruit quality, phenols and antioxidant activity of de-pigmented “Ghiaccio” and white flesh peaches Abstract   PDF
D. Ceccarelli, C. Talento, A. Sartori, M. Terlizzi, E. Caboni, K. Carbone
Vol 26, No 1 Crop load manipulation and fruit cracking in sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) Abstract   PDF
P.F. Measham, S.A. Bound, A.J. Gracie, S.J. Wilson
Vol 25, No 1 Crop physiology of elephant foot yam (Amorphophallus paeoniifolius (Dennst. Nicolson) Abstract   PDF
V. Ravi, C.S. Ravindran, G. Suja, James George, M. Nedunzhiyan, G. Byju, S.K. Naskar
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