Vol 25, No 2

Table of Contents

Full-­length papers

Antioxidant capacity and phenolic total content in 'Fuerte' avocado submitted to hydrothermal treatment PDF
E.R. Daiuto, J.G.F. Fumes, R.L. Vieites, N.C. Cabia, R.S.D. De Castro 75-80
Influence of crop cycle and nitrogen manure form on yield and nitrate content of leafy, hypocotyl and fruit vegetables PDF
G. Caruso, S. Conti, P. La Rocca 81-89
The status of chestnut cultivation and utilization in the Canary Islands PDF
D. Ríos-Mesa, S. Pereira-Lorenzo, A.J. González-Díaz, J.Z. Hernández-González, E. González-Diaz, V. Galán Saúco 90-98
Growth reduction in root-restricted tomato plants is linked to photosynthetic impairment and starch accumulation in the leaves PDF
S. Mugnai, H.S. Al-Debei 99-105
In vitro mutagenesis and detection of variability among radiomutants of chrysanthemum using RAPD PDF
A. Kaul, S. Kumar, M. Ghani 106-111
Root distribution in young olive trees (Olea europaea cv. Chétoui) and agronomic application PDF
C. Masmoudi-Charfi, M. Masmoudi, N. Ben Mechlia 112-122

Book reviews

Book reviews PDF

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