Vol 26, No 1

Table of Contents

Full-­length papers

Aerated water irrigation (oxygation) benefits to pineapple yield, water use efficiency and crop health PDF
J. Dhungel, S.P. Bhattarai, D.J. Midmore 3-16
Effects of trinexapae-ethyl on stoloon development in potted Patriot bermudagrass PDF
A. Lenzi, A. Baldi, M. Nannicini, A. Pardini, R. Tesi 17-20
Effects of silver nanoparticles on Tecomella undulate (Roxh.) Seem. Micropropagation PDF
M. Aghdaei, H. Salehi, M.K. Sarmast 21-24
Crop load manipulation and fruit cracking in sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) PDF
P.F. Measham, S.A. Bound, A.J. Gracie, S.J. Wilson 25-31
Influence of quality attributes of early, intermediate and late peach varieties on suitability for fresh-convenience products PDF
F. Colantuono, M.L. Amodio, F. Piazzolla, G. Colelli 32-38
Propagative material of grapevine: RFID technology for supporting traceability of "basic" and "certified" material along the wine production chain PDF
A. Luvisi, A. Panattoni, R. Bandinelli, E. Rinaldelli, M. Pagano, E. Triolo 39-43

Book reviews

Book reviews PDF

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