Vol 26, No 2

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Full-­length papers

Effects of crop method and harvest seasons on yield and quality of green asparagus under tunnel in southern Italy PDF
G. Caruso, G. Villari, C. Borrelli, G. Russo 51-58
Pear resistance to psilla (Cacopsylla pyri L.): A review PDF
S. Nin, A. Ferri, P. Sacchetti, E. Giordani 59-74
The influence of a non-pathogenic pseudomonas patida strain BTP1 on reproductive and dvelopment of grape phylloxera PDF
A. Adam, H. Makee, I. Idris 75-80
Effect of type of fertilization and maturity on quality of fresh-cut red and yellow peppers (Capsicum annuum L.) PDF
F. Piazzolla, M.L. Amodio, R. Rinaldi, F. Raimo, G. Colelli 81-87
Growth, yield and fruit quality of strawberry under protected cultivation in South Kashmir PDF
A. Kumar, I. Ahad 88-91
‘Verdello’, ‘Verdicchio’ and ‘Verduschia’: an example of integrated multidisciplinary study to clarify grapevine cultivar identity PDF
M. Crespan, A. Armanni, G. Da Rold, B. De Nardi, M. Gardiman, D. Migliaro, S. Soligo, P. Storchi 92-99
Production of strawberries (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.) in mountain areas: a comparative evaluation of two june-bearing cultivars PDF
E. Giordani, W.A. Petrucci, D. Morelli, A. Ferri 100-109

Book reviews

Book review PDF

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