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Full-­length papers

Factors affecting in vitro propagation of Dracaena sanderiana Sander ex Mast. cultivars. I. Sterilization, explant browning, and shoot proliferation PDF
F. Kakuei, H. Salehi 159-164
Factors affecting in vitro propagation of Dracaena sanderiana Sander ex Mast. cultivars. II. MS salt strengths, subculturing times, rooting and acclimatization PDF
F. Kakuei, H. Salehi 165-170
Dormancy removal in pistachio nut: Influences of Hydrogen Cyanamid (Dormex®) as compared to ordinary seed chemical pre-treatments PDF
M. Jangali Baygi, M. Alizadeh, F. Ghaderifar, M. Sharifani 171-175
Lipase production by Fusarium culmorum in solid state fermentation PDF
Y Bakri, Y. Akeed, R. Ouda, Th. Al-Domani, M.I.E. Arabi, M. Jawhar 181-184
Influence of seed provenance on the propagation of Picea abies (L.) Karst PDF
L.M.R. Rinaldi, Annarita Leva, L.P. D'Acqui 185-191
Effects of 1-MCP and ethylene on antioxidant enzymes activity and postharvest physio-biochemical characterics of cut carnation flower cv. Fortune PDF
A. Ranjbar, N. Ahmadi 192-198
Seed oil content, fatty acids composition and antioxidant properties as affected by genotype in Allium cepa L. and perennial onion species PDF
N.A. Golubkina, S.M. Nadezhkin, A.F. Agafonov, O.V. Kosheleva, A.V. Molchanova, Girolamo Russo, A. Cuciniello, Gianluca Caruso 199-206
Effects of extracellular K+ on grapevine membrane potential as influenced by the antiviral mycophenolic acid. An electrophysiological study PDF
Andrea Luvisi, Enrico Rinaldelli, A. Panattoni 207-212


Alternate bearing in olive initiated by abiotic induction leading to biotic responses PDF
Shimon Lavee 213-219

Short note

Non-invasive acoustic sensing of tuberous roots of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) growing belowground PDF
J. Iwase, Y. Sato, Diego Comparini, Elisa Masi, Stefano Mancuso, Tomonori Kawano 176-180

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